Unsafe condition – picture markup from android cell phone app.

imageJust about everyone who is in safety can easily find this one!!!! this was left in this condition after shift was over.

Yes this is a OSHA no-no  The valves are notorious for leaking fuel and oxygen into the hoses.

Disconnect them.

The bigger issue is the person who believes this is the right way to operate the equipment. No time to remove him from production and retrain him to work correctly.

For every unsafe condition you will find a persons unsafe action as the root cause.

We as humans decide to put this stuff together and it is our decisions that create the unsafe conditions.

As you FOCUS ON UNSAFE ACTIONS, the unsafe conditions will go away.

Besides OSHA trained us really well to discover unsafe conditions, but they haven’t done much about the actions part.

Relevant OSHA directives to this issue

Fuel gas and oxygen manifolds shall bear the name of the substance they contain in letters at least one (1) inch high which shall be either painted on the manifold or on a sign permanently attached to it.


When work is finished, when cylinders are empty or when cylinders are moved at any time, the cylinder valves shall be closed.


When not in use, manifold and header hose connections shall be capped.


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