What a First Person Shooter Video Game and a Meteorite Falling From the Sky Has To Do with Workplace Safety…..

Most of the time people who are working are dynamic things, always moving in and out of conditions in the work place. I liken it to a video game i saw my son play over time  .

The game was a first person shooter with lasers and rifles and grenades and then there were mines.

As he became more proficient playing  he relied less and less on the direct action activities of shooting and more on pre planning and laying mines on the playing field.

By only doing an advance to the rear,  the scoot part of shoot and scoot, he was destroying enemy at an impressive rate. Drawing them into the mine field he laid , many were wiped out and then he was protected behind cover. Then he would expose only enough of himself to finish off the stragglers with some impressive shooting.

Now I am drawing a parallel from this first person shooter to working safely in any industry.

How many under educated employees are unknowingly distributing mines in your workplace today? is your mine detection team discovering and inerting all of them?

How many are going undiscovered each day? each week? each month? each year?

How many less mines could your employees create if they were educated to not put the fuse in the explosive mine body? to keep them separated, and then  cause no harm…….

Would your mine detection team have a better chance to find  all those mines if more were not produced every day? and then have a better chance of finding those mines hidden away in dark corners and desolate spaces where employees rarely frequent?

There isn’t much human involvement in a meteorite falling from the sky. That is purely a natural occurrence, any human accident would only be because someone decided to be there in the landing zone. Body placement in the line of fire as we in the industrial world say.

having said that the imagined accident could have still been prevented,

by never going above ground


by sending something else,  say a monkey to do the job or a robot.


by building a  huge triple skinned dome over the whole area

Engineering controls

by making a rule that no one is to be there in times of high meteorite activity and having NASA give us immediate notification of the activity rise.

Administrative controls

and finally by wearing a suit of armor

Personal protective equipment.

Even random natural occurrences can be planned for and controlled.

Finally  I encourage you,  the one or two people who  read this blog

To help create an I will statement that new employees pledge to and sign as a condition of employment.

such as

I will choose to work on the job I am assigned, in the manner I am trained for that job by the company trainers as a cost of doing business with my employer.

I will work in the manner my direct supervisor instructs only while his instruction keeps me safe as a cost of doing business with my employer.

I will leave my personal convenience and comfort in my vehicle and work as trained and  instructed as a cost of doing business with my employer.

I choose to accept the inconvenience  of safety equipment as a cost of doing business with my employer.

I choose to be an active participant in the process of keeping me safe as a cost of doing business with my employer.

I choose to B SAFE NOW! and live to enjoy tomorrow………..

Any one who can not commit THEMSELVES to these types of ideals  should not be allowed to mingle with those who have no problem swearing and signing this type of oath.

It is beneficial to find out before they work if there will be a problem with this level of commitment to the safety of themselves and others, and it aligns their intentions with the actions of speaking and signing their name to the statement.

To speak an oath requires the words to be read and processed, the thought to be formed inside the brain, and then streamed to the mouth for verbalization.

All internal dialog of the mind is accepted by the minds critical factor as an internal process, and is not scrutinized. Its too busy with all the external stimulus. Words heard by your ears has to flow through the critical factor filter and be processed to be accepted.

If what you hear does not match your map of the world the information gets shredded. The bullshit factor. We accept from our external stimulus with what we feel is real. After all if the new information becomes accepted and embedded then we have to redraw the map with new parameters. Who would spend time doing something counterproductive like that?

And then, after you speak the words, get out the map pencils………….. cause you will redraw .

Kenny M.


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