Dam the nanny state and all that this mentality has wrough among us! Dam the nanny state and all that this mentality has wrough among us!  This take care of you from cradle to grave never having  to exercise your own self determination or drive or security or SAFETY for that matter is destroying the very fabric that the United States Is built on.

For me it is the responsibility of the individual is to learn what is required of him by the system and work under these guidelines or rules. If you don’t then someone will replace you at your position. The competition now days is just that great.

I believe that my role as a safety coordinator is not to  bring you a fish ever day, (nanny state) but to make you self sufficient so you can provide your own fish, and feed yourself for a lifetime.(self determination). No one should be exempt from this system of self determination.

There is a much used  system out there that attempts a top down management of people who really need to just be taught to fish.The ineffective trickle down, bomb them from 10,000 feet theory takes the problem a worker displays and runs it up the chain of command  and then back down to the worker often involving the workers supervisor(s) in a discussion that  should be between two people, field safety and the worker, in  this way a  plaster it on their back bottom up management style. A direct from me  to you with no loss of energy or scheduling conflicts or anything to distract from this in the moment  stop loss teaching action.

The discussion between the worker and the safety coordinator should be in the moment direct and purposeful. There should be a teaching element, to the interaction, and a future pace  to observe what the offending action will result in, if continued.

There have been study that suggests that  the brain can not differentiate between reality and imagination. This is why Olympic athletes  benefit so from imagining their performance.  Engage the imagination of your worker and create an accident scenario with him/her at center stage fully experiencing the shortcomings of his negative behavior,

Emotion should be engaged as much as the other person will allow….   and then move outward, helping craft how this will effect co workers, as some do not have a extended family to imagine, And then if there are  family or extended family engage them in the scenario also. Ask how would that feel and just wait for a response, after the description  has been completely expressed, .Just then, a snap of the fingers and a rapid switch to the alternate future  where the time line is observed without the offending action just continuing to work safe day in and day out  “Till you shouldn’t even think about it, its just something you do…”. A mutual determination on which action is the most desirable. Ask for a  NOW! I will………(as the only time you have to work with is in the now,as the past is a memory and the future is but a possibility, the only time you can change now is now)  positive statement . Its like a verbal commitment to change the action and enjoy a much better future.

A  restatement of the workers NOW! I WILL statement from the safety coordinator and an agreement that the good change is the right path to follow. An assurance that as long as you continue to work safely in this manner this discussion will be but a memory, it was just two friends talking…….  and an assurance that if there is a relapse  to the old way of doing things  there will be another more formal discussion.

Then inform the supervisor that you and his worker had a little talk, you ask no action of the supervisor,  this is information only. If it happens again then start the formal documentation process.

aren’t you keeping notes to yourself about who and what where and when?

And then,a sigh and a slight crouch and a purposeful stare into the sunset……. then as you lean into it , its onward and upward

to the next challenge………  from a  K.E.N. master of THINGS NOT RIGHT !

thanks, Kenny M

.Inside the United States government’s Materials Management Servivce prepositioned   deep sea drilling support float


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