Safety Observations from a Keen Eye’d Noticer of THINGS NOT RIGHT!


Too little time to pick up sharp objects left in walkway. Who is pushing these craftpeople hard enough that they wont remove the hazard?Can it be that important to risk a foot injury?

at lest 3 sharp  pieces of angle iron poised to penetrate the soft bottom of a work boot! all pieces were moved to the palette in the background, and point down!

Electrical hand tool left plugged in. "K.E.N. says if you have to plug it in or turn it on to use it , You should unplug it or turn it of when you are finished using it."

Taking the time to unplug the device after use makes for a safer environment.

Open doorway to water 35' below

This doorway was covered by a polytarp and had its top rail removed prior to arrival, after discovery by a K.E.N. the tarp was removed and danger tape was placed over the opening. The permanent solution would be to weld  in a top rail at OSHA required 42″. There was no funding yet for  this vessel,

Folding Ladders in the walkway

it has a no entry barrier on the gangway.

Plenty of places to tie up ladders on edge with thin cord to remove the tripping hazard, but no time for that!

Welding Lead tied off to a manifold of a fuel oxygen tote

This welding lead was repositioned to the structural member, a pipe leg below the manifold outlet by a K.E.N.

   Confined space without a proper entry tag   
This confined space was untagged.
OSHA says any part of the body penetrating the plane of the opening…..
it is obvious that new construction has taken place  in this opening.
The opening was danger taped by a K.E.N. untill a shipboard competent person could air test and tag the opening  safe for entry.
This K.E.N. had to make entry to idlh atmosphere for a body removal
and he chooses to not do it again! ever!

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