Using the Thought “NO ONE GETS HURT” may bring YOU less than the results you desire…..


Hello all!

We all tend to get  (or manifest) what we focus on repeatedly day in and day out. When we are bombarded by spoken words and printed materials that constantly direct our focus on the  n e g a t i v e  path instead of the POSITIVE path, we as individuals and as groups , manifest what is constantly in our thought stream.  Want better results? Think better thoughts.

As you will come to understand  the negative word at the beginning of a thought or idea acts as a magic change word. Research has discovered that to fully understand the negative thought or statement, our mind has to drop the negative and then process the thought, command or statement to fully understand what it is the deliverer wants us not to do.

The dropping of the negative  and then processing of the statement is an internal dialog carried out by your mind. These things we hear from internal dialog are never questioned by our critical factor.

The full statement is an external dialog, one brought from an outside stimulus. The things we hear  from external dialog are nearly always questioned by our critical factor. the only exception is those people we accept as authority figures in our world. examples would be  mother father  teacher police officer SAFETY COORDINATORS  judges politicians etc.

An experience from my past will bring clarity to any possible confusion on the issue.

When I was 5 years old, I was playing with some large peas on the kitchen floor. My mother walked into the room and sensing danger, made the statement . “Don’t put that pea in your ear.”

This thought was a million miles away from where my thoughts about the peas were,,,,,

But, after listening to her my brain processed her statement as PUT THAT PEA IN YOUR EAR!

Within minuets the pea was logged deeply in my ear canal  causing great discomfort!         I spent the rest of the day in my room(punished) after two fearful hours in the emergency room seeking comfort.

 I often wondered how I came about the idea to do something I wasn’t even thinking of.

After studying Neuro Linguistic Programing,  Suggestive Language, and Hypnosis, I came to the realization just how powerful a negative statement  can be . It now  makes perfect sense.

Just as an experiment lets try…..












 Ok,  get BARNEY out of your thoughts.

“NO one goes home hurt” this could be processed by the workforce as ONE GOES HOME HURT and until they hear different the one is them….

NO one goes home hurt is negative

Everyone arrives home safe, is positive and not only covers being safe on the job, but also on the ride home too!

Knowing this new information, which message would you choose to speak and print everywhere?

Don’t use this fascinating new information to craft how you phrase safety statements in the future,


It can’t begin to make a great difference in the safety culture in your field of expertise.

Now it seems as if I made you think of Barney then I can make you safe too, now with me   the world is a safer place for us all.

Wouldn’t you want to have this kind of help in crafting your safety program now, and then why shouldn’t you contact me in a moment?

                                                                                 Kenny M.

Inside the US. Mineral Management Service prepositioned deepwater drilling support float commonly called a T.B.M.

A 2 Man Portable Cary System for Rapid Extrication Response to Confined Space Trauma Calls

2 man portable package will go most places a man can go

The concept is<< RAPID EXTRICATION>>from confined space by Scoop N S.K.E.D.

components of package are,

02 kit, small red above right

ems kit, large red orange below right with spo2, blood sugar, A.E.D. blood pressure bandaging and splinting iv support airway support (not management)

S.K.E.D., tubular orange  middle left.

Head blocks and C collar, and silver EMS restraint tape(quack, quack) center above.

Scoop Stretcher, yellow backbone of the system, behind everything else.

You can lift it from either end  carry it horizontal flip it over horizontal  and end to end.

all components remain in their locations. 2 man portable. haul able by ropes

(you do have a buddy system for your first responders/rescuers don’t you?)

system on exam table

system on end after slipping off table

The concept is a small light portable system to enable 2 man portability into tanks holds void and confined  spaces and other areas  where human occupation was not a thought or concern. Many of these places have minimal access and rudimentary ladders and walkways uneven floors structural members and piping restricting mobility and  generally creating a huge barrier to extrication. Having all these obstacles to contend with  a rapid extrication plan of action just makes good sense when you can hear the golden hour ticking in the background.


1 C spine rapid initial observation evaluation of patient condition. conscious, breathing, bleed, processing information, and following directions, rapid hands on body for impaled objects, or obvious fractures.

move on

2 airway support, if needed. quick ears on chest 3 second listen.

move on

3 control major bleeding, if needed. assess all pulses you can get to

move on

4 1st person c spine 2 nd person scoop and secure with straps.

!st person holds patient c spine for quick 360 deg wrap of  silver immobilization tape.

move on

5 Re evaluate above interventions 1-3 for deterioration as this will be your last fully accessible look at the patient due to sked coverage of all but the mid line body.

move on

6 deploy sked scoop to sked

move on

7 secure sked

move on

8 1st person move equipment  forward  to the entry point,while 2nd person monitors patient>>>then<<< 1 st and 2nd person move patient to entry point (if patient conditions worsen you can ALWAYS find motivation to rapidly move patient to equipment and entry point, constantly moving forward) Don’t allow yourself to be torn between 2 points……

move on

9  Extrication of patient by haul line rope rescue using sked  or pass through manhole or other entry point to exterior.

move on

10 Team buddy count and assessment of their conditions, equipment roundup and team extraction out of confined space.

All this is usually done in the dark with contaminants in a less than ideal atmosphere slippery footing and every imaginable obstacle to progress right there after the last one has been conquered. Add to this tangled or caught air lines,or extra weight of scba air pacs, banged up shins rolled ankles and skinned elbows and pinched fingers. Just the chance to give someone a few more breaths and it suddenly  makes it worth it.

With some, repetitious training this can be accomplished  in under 20 min,  leaving 2/3 of the golden hour for transfer to ambulance services full assessment and transport to a trauma facility.

Of course the above assumes a trauma injury, instead of a medical condition. Imagine a fall from height. It doesn’t have to be very high anywhere above six feet really. Working under the old protocols for the agency I was involved in, a fall from 12 feet had a automatic response from life flight  helicopter transport to UTMB. Galveston, Tx.